Cheshire parents get chance to catch up

PARENTS are being given a chance to bridge the gap between their children’s and their own computer skills.

A new course at Whitchurch Junior School is making sure young technology whizzes can no longer put the older generation to shame!

Family learning tutor Sally Whelan of Shropshire County Council visits the school every week to work with a group of seven parents.

This is her third set of sessions at the school, following earlier maths and English courses – all called Keeping up with the children.

The aim is to enhance parents’ skills and give them an understanding of the school syllabus so they can better help their children with work at home.

Headteacher Matthew Copping said: “Parents can improve their own skills, see what we do in school, and see how IT can help develop other subjects.

“For the first time, we are giving children a chance to come out of lessons to join their parents for a short slot in the sessions.”

The next Keeping up with the Children course has yet to be confirmed, but Mr Copping hopes to run another English course.

Source – Cheshire Chronicle

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