China gives first response to Google threat

China has said that foreign internet firms are welcome to do business “according to the law”.

The statement, from Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu, is Beijing’s first response to Google’s threat to stop filtering content in China.

Google said late on Tuesday that Chinese cyber-attacks aimed at human rights activists might force it to close its Chinese operations.

Ms Jiang said the internet was “open” in China.

Google announced that it was no longer willing to censor its Chinese search engine –

The search engine subsequently said it would hold talks with the government in the coming weeks to look at operating an unfiltered search engine within the law in the country, though no changes to filtering have yet been made.

At a regular foreign ministry news briefing, Ms Jiang said: “China like other countries administers the internet according to law.

“China’s internet is open and the Chinese government encourages development of the internet.”

She was responding to a reporter’s question on Google and US concerns about the business environment in light of Google’s reported cyber-attacks.

“Chinese law proscribes any form of hacking activity,” she said.

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