Google Nexus One

The google Nexus One – some call it iPhone killer.

I don’t though, I call it rubbish and a bit of a let down – and here is why.

Caught in a technology junkie come down from over 18 months using of my iPhone I craved something new and different.  I consulted the oracle who suggested the Nexus One was going to wipe the floor with the iPhone with its speed, looks and design as well as its MS Exchange integration, quite important because I feel only Blackberry have nailed this properly (but who wants one of those?).

I ordered the phone immediately.  $500 and 3 days later it arrived.

I’m going to make this easy for everyone.  The only thing that’s better is the camera. 

In fact I’d go as far as to say its actually quite poor at some things.  The touch screen throws a wobble every few days, the button at the bottom of the touch screen always seem to require pressing countless times in order to get any response, its a bit flakey, the battery sometimes runs flat in a few hours for absolutely no reason, the other day when I charged it I thought it was going to burst into flames it was so hot but its not done this since.

Onto the exchange integration – it doesn’t sync calendars.  “What?” I hear you say.  That’s right, it doesn’t sync calendars in Exchange.  I’ll say it again, it doesn’t sync calendars in exchange.  No Exchange Calendar Sync.

My Solution (because its free) – google calendar sync.  Enables outlook to sync with googles gmail service.  No problem I thought, I’ll sync my outlook exchange calendar with gmail and set the calendar on that to be the calendar on my phone.  When I update my phone it will update gmail then gmail will update my outlook calendar.

I use a terminal server for all of my work so I can access it from anywhere.  Google calendar sync doesn’t install on Windows 2008 servers.  I had to create a virtual XP machine for our ESX server and install outlook just to get my calendar to sync.  It has been quote solid but come on!!!!  Top marks for coming up with such en elaborate solution I hear you say but most of the other Android phones support full exchange integration.  Why doesn’t the Nexus??

Googles support of the product is none existent.  They have a user group type deal where people can ask questions and once every 7 weeks a google expert does his / her best to address the avalanche of unhappy customers.  You end up speaking to HTC who developed the hardware for the phone who tell you it’s a software issue no matter what you seem to complain about.

I felt infuriated at the time by the whole thing.  Its quite poor google have taken this function out of the Nexus because although its does fail in certain areas like the going on fire when you charge it business and reliability on occasion you can kind of overlook this just because it is a bit faster than the iPhone, has a better RES display and camera and it doesn’t require iTunes (which I hate).

In summery – If you want a reliable smart phone get an IPhone or Blackberry.  Just put up with iTunes or stop moaning about how rubbish the browser is on the Blackberry. 

The grass is not as green on the other side in this case.

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