This is the end……… of consoles but whats next?

I have been monitoring the online game streaming product “On Live” for about 12 months. This isn’t because I like playing computer games and yes, I am aware that it doesn’t really tie in with the theme of business IT services.

So why the interest?

I like many others are of the opinion that eventually all application services will be streamed down a fast internet connection with all processing done by servers in huge data centres.
I believe that the major service providers like BT will sell you applications along with your internet connection – its no coincidence BT are ramping up their IT managed services division.   I thought full adoption for this type of service was 10 years away but I believe I could now be wrong.

The reason for this is high res 3d graphics have always been notoriously difficult to stream through a home / small business internet connection which means that apps such as CAD etc need to stay very much in house. The idea of streaming video games such as Assassins Creed or the popular first person Call of Duty seemed up until recently a bridge too far.

Many people already use SaaS type apps for all sorts in business like  CRM and even telephony.
Throwing a resource intense video game down a line as apposed to a resource intense graphic application doesn’t seem to me to be too dissimilar.

So in summery – is this the beginning of the last chapter for mass local computing?

I think it could be.

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