Windows 7 refund refused

99% of the desktops we provide IT support for are Windows based, I can think of only one client with a linux requirement but never the less I read an article on The Register today which I thought was quite interesting.

A Dell customer rejected his Windows 7 license agreement which flashes up on a new PC the first time you get it out the box and turn it on.  They favoured installing their own operating system and demanded the money for Windows 7 back from Dell.

The software on first install flags a message from Microsoft which says – “By using the software, you accept these terms,” it reads. “If you do not accept them, do not use the software. Instead, return it to the retailer for a refund or credit.”

Dell initially told the guy Windows 7 was part of the computer cost and so was in affect supplied for free.

Apparently he argued his corner well and they refunded him the £70 Windows 7 OEM costs.

Recently a few other people have tried to gain a refund from Dell but haven’t had as much luck.

Asked about refunds for rejected copies of Windows 7, Dell told the register that despite the $115 success storey, the company policy is that it will only accept returns for the entire system. “We consider the OS part of the base config, like and other key components (e.g. processor, memory, etc.),” the company says.

I believe that when the system boots for the first time there should be an option to install whatever you like especially for home users and small companies.

It should be easier to buy a PC with no operating system. Many of our clients cover their systems with Microsoft license schemes. I don’t think it would be difficult to just have a check box saying no license required, Dell already do it for their servers so why not their desktops too?

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