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Its always good to have a back up plan for major service outages. Below is an article from the BBC after major flooding caused an exchange in London to stop working.
One good way of making sure you don’t loose email during a service outage is to have back up MX records in your DNS settings or better still use a mail security provider service from Message Labs or Postini. They will scan all your email for virus and spam content and also store your email in the event of a service outage of your broadband or telephone line.
If your really up the creek you can always dial up to a mobile ISP and divert the email to a catch all pop account. Once you’ve done this use something like a POP3 connector in exchange. Its going to run pretty bad it’ll get your email downloaded at the very least.
The problem is getting the BT side of things. Notoriously difficult to deal with at the best of times.

Read on-

BT has said it has managed to restore “the vast majority” of telephone and broadband services to thousands of customers affected by a network outage.

The fault was caused by “major flooding” on 31 March at an exchange in the west of London.

It had a knock-on effect around the UK with people on various broadband and phone networks affected.

The firm said that work would continue through the evening of the 02 April “until all services are restored”.

“Any customers needing to make calls to the emergency services who have a problem using their phones are advised to do so by using their mobile phone, or alternatively by using a friend or neighbour’s working phone,” BT said in a statement.

“A number of mobile services are also affected so customers may not be able to make or receive calls on their mobile or may experience an intermittent service.”

Telecoms company Gradwell told the BBC that 437 exchanges around Britain were affected by the incident.

Readers of the BBC News website reported that bars and shops in the surrounding area were only accepting cash on March 31 as card payment systems had crashed.

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