Ipad Biz Apps

One of our clients in Chester, Cheshire who we provide IT support for has recently purchased an Ipad.

One of the reasons the IPhone has been so successful besides the fact it’s pretty much the perfect mobile smart phone is because of the business applications available to users.

When the IPhone was first released without exchange integration I did wonder how it was going to compete with HTC and Blackberry in the business arena – great for watching films and listening to music but not much good if you want to sync your calendar. The subsequent release of the IPhone 3G put it miles in front of the other devices which included exchange integration. The HTC devices required you install a certificate which was a pain for none technical users and the blackberry device required Blackberry Enterprise Server or desktop sync tools. All very messy.

It doesn’t look like apple will be making the same mistake with the IPad. Already business apps are available for it with The Roambi App, one of apples best biz apps available. Many company execs will see this as an extremely attractive complimentary device to the IPhone and wont be able to miss the opportunity of strutting round the office with an IPad under their arm shouting “sell, sell sell”!

Since it is such a unique device it is hard to say if it will take off as a real business device used by real business people with a real business persons need. Unless you really, really want an Ipad id stick with a laptop but keep an eye on things – it most likely will get even better over the coming months.

A good alternative is a decent tablet laptop like the Latitude XT2 – already has more biz apps because it runs Windows 7.

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