Is it over? Well its not looking bad……

Reading the myriad of technology blogs and general it support related blurb every day certainly gives me a reasonable snapshot of what’s happening with the world of technology.

Today I discovered that over the last few weeks a lot of technology related companies seem to be doing something they haven’t done in a while – reporting good sales.

Citrix – a firm with a very eclectic taste for applications that make money (and doing it better than anyone else in my opinion) reported a 7 times increase on profit in the first quarter compared to last year.

AMD – Intel’s biggest none threat did ok, but reading their financial report for the first quarter isn’t as easy as looking at the bottom line. In fact it was difficult to understand how they calculated their profit but apparently they did make some.

Microsoft – the evil empire smashed it with their best quarter ever. Now, when you think how much this company makes that is pretty unbelievable and one in the eye for any anti-capitalist penguin t-shirt wearing linux types.

Google – the golden goose up a massive 23% on revenue which is amazing because they did actually grow in 2009 during the same quarter.

The spoils though have to go to Apple who maybe not surprisingly due to the release of the ipad made a staggering 94% increase in profit compared to the first quarter of 2009.

So in summery it’s not looking bad for 2010.

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