IT Support

Who are we?

Smart Info Tech Ltd are a professional IT support and IT outsourcing organisation who use best practice methods of IT service delivery based on ITIL principles.  ITIL is the only consistent and comprehensive documentation of best practice for IT Service Management and is used by thousands of organisations around the world.  By using a recognised and proven service delivery methodology we can offer our clients a measurable and effective service.

We have a fully equipped service operations centre and highly qualified field engineers to provide partial or fully outsourced IT Service Management for small and medium sized companies.  We specialise in bringing together, and then supporting, appropriate, modern technologies, including remotely hosted applications, to provide cost effective, efficient IT solution for today’s fast moving companies.  Our mission is to provide our clients with a fast, accurate and trustworthy service.

What are the benefits of outsourcing to Smart IT?

  • Often better, more measurable performance than in house teams
  • Significantly reduced operation costs
  • Quality assured service
  • Fixed costs with service level agreed standard fix times
  • You can focus on running your business
  • Increased efficiency with service aligned to your business
  • Instant scalability and flexibility as your business develops
  • Impartial advice on new technologies
  • Resolve employee recruitment and retention issues

Who can we assist?

We assist a diverse range of companies in many different industry sectors from small companies with only 5 computers up to large multi site offices with hundreds.  Our clients are based mainly in the UK but we also service our client remote sites in countries like America, Russia, South America, Europe, Asia and North Africa.

What can we assist with?

We focus on the following core services –

Infrastructure Support and Management

Infrastructure Support caters for the well running of your business engine room.  Things we would typically support include servers, desktops, network and security devices and their operating systems.

Application Support and Management

Applications are the drivers of business.  Theses are the systems companies use to run and manage their day to day standard business activity like office and productivity software packages, CRM and accounts systems.

We can work instead of or indeed with any element of your environment.  For instance, you might want to keep your development team but outsource your infrastructure support or vice versa or indeed adopt a fully outsourced model.  Whatever business your in Smart IT can help.

Transparency and Trust

We recognise that outsourcing a critical operational element like IT or indeed changing IT suppliers can in the most part be a daunting prospect.  Many of the companies we speak to often have little or no idea how their IT function operates or what they actually do.

We often find there is a lack of transparency between IT and the rest of the business partly due to technology as a whole being viewed as a closed shop to the “none technical”.  Sometimes company Managers and Directors simply place limitless trust and hope correct decisions are made.

By implementing best practice systems founded on ITIL we provide a completely measurable service.  Once a system is measurable it is then easier to understand from a top “none technical” level which in turn enables the system to be queried.  A measurable system allows Smart IT and our customers to analyse how the system can be made better.  If the system is constantly measured new ideas can be tested in order to improve service and implemented if they prove to be more efficient.

We present accurate performance data to develop trust with our clients, improve efficiency and to provide a much better service than our competitors.

To contact our office call any of our local numbers

For our main number call 0845 508 5982 for more details or email