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Recently BT released a document via their website explaining Voice Over IP (VOIP) to its customers and made some stark predictions for the future as well as dispelling many myths about Voice Over IP.

Here are some extracts from their website.

They say –

VoIP take-up is growing rapidly and we expect to see almost half of small businesses in the UK using internet calling in the next year. BT is also investing £10 billion in its 21st  Century Network (21CN) initiative, which will move the UK’straditional (PSTN) telephone network over to one that is entirely Internet Protocol (IP) based. The first PSTN customers moved over to 21CN in November 2006 and by 2012 all calls in the UK will be made over IP.

The majority of people first look at VoIP services because of the cost savings that are available, but this isn’t limited to calling other VoIP users. Many services offer reduced local and national call rates, along with capped prices for domestic, fixed-to-mobile and international calls.

One of the criticisms that has been leveled at VoIP services is that it is still a relatively new technology and voice quality isn’t quite as high as on conventional fixed-line telephone services. However, paid-for services from reputable suppliers are very much the same as fixed line and can be better than mobile reception. As with any new technology, in the early days VoIP services could be unreliable. However as the technology has matured, reliability has increased and is now at a level that is appropriate for business use.

VoIP services are not linked to a local exchange in the same way as traditional telephones. As a result, VoIP numbers do not have to be specific to a town or region, which gives companies the ability to choose the type of number they want to use, whether that is a geographic, VoIP (for example an 05 prefix) or national (for example an 0845 or 0800 number).

Extract from BT Article
by Barry Weaver Feb 2008